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inNO Model-T-II      
The inNO-T-II is the most technologically advanced Nitric Oxide electrochemical detection system on the market today. It is the only NO system that offers temperature recording. It is a quadra channel system with automatic compensation. It combines both a Nitric Oxide configured potentiostat and a sophisticated software controlled data acquisition system in one compact battery powered unit.
FOUR channel system, two nitric oxide and two temperature channels.
One channel can be used for nitric oxide and the other can be used for oxygen and other species.
The four channels are independent.
Uses new amiNO sensors which are 100 times more sensitive than others on the market today.
State of the art battery powered design allows this unit to run continuously for up to 4 years making it ideal for any electrically Isolated and/or portable application.
Combination NO meter & data acquisition system.
It is a dual channel system; NO concentration and temperature. The software can be set to compensate for temperature variations during measurements.
Battery powered benchtop/portable system.
24 bit A/D converter for the widest dynamic range (16,000,000 to 1).
Resolution down to 0.1 pA (0.01 nM).
User friendly recording, playback and analysis software compatible with Windows™ 95/98, 2000, NT, and XP operating systems. Click for a screen snapshot.
Menu driven commands.
Continuous recordings (over 1 month).
System shipped complete with NO meter, software, 2 NO sensors and calibration kit.
Auto zero.
Computer chart recorder.
RS-232 interface.
Digital filter.
Standard Package Specifications
Current scale 2,500,000.0 pA.
Concentration scale 1,000,000.0 nM.
Resolution 0.01 nM.
Screen meter 7.5 digit meter.
Resolution 0.1 pA.
Recording speed 1 to 1 000 sec/div.
Uses J-type temperature sensor, under 1 mm tip diameter or the user's own J-type temperature sensor.
Dimensions, H x W x D 76x229x203mm (3x9x8in).
Power replaceable battery.
The package ships complete with inNO-T-II, software, plus:
amiNO-2000 Sensor, sensor electrolyte, and 4 replacement membranes. Choice of amiNO-7, amiNO-30, amiNO-100, or amiNO-600 Sensor. Notice that ALL sensors come in packs of two. Temperature sensor, 5 calibration vials. Magnetic stirrer and micro-stirring bar. Nitrate standard.

Premium Package Specifications
All the items in the Standard Package plus:
A choice of either 2 amiNO-IV or 1 amiNO-FLAT Sensor.
'SensoReady' Electrode Polarizer.
Nitrate Reductor, Set of 2.