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Oxygen Meter and Sensors      
Our oxygen measuring system utilizes the latest technologies in electronic circuitry and chemical sensors. The 2 mm stainless steel-tip electrode can be used to measure oxygen in liquid solution or gas phase. The meter can display current, percentage, or ppm Oxygen. The meter offers an activation function to restore the activity of the sensor without the need of polishing and conditioning.
Features and Specifications
For the meter:
%O2 0-100%
PPM 0-20
Current 0-2000 nA
Resolution: 0.1 PPM, 0.1%
Accuracy + 1%
Recorder output 1000 ohm resistance for chart recorder (BNC connection)
Display 3.5-digit LCD
Power Battery or wall unit powered
Dimensions 8x9x3 inches
Shipping weight 2 LB
For the sensor:
Tip diameter 2 mm
Tip length
(stainless steel )
70 mm
Overall length 130 mm
Cable length 120 cm
Response time under 10 sec 90% response in stirred solution.
The electrode is supplied with two replacement membranes and electrolyte.