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Reference Electrodes      
We offer two types of reference electrodes: Leak-Free, the LF series, and the Low-Leakage, KZT series.

Leak-Free Series

Our new Leak-Free junction series, LF, enables you to perform your experiments in organic solvents, perchlorate and silver salts solutions, or Hydrofluoric acids without being worried about clogging or degradation!
It can also be used for long term experiments without the worry that the filling electrolyte be diluted or run out.
This Leaking-Free reference electrode uses our newly developed conductive junction (patent pending). The filling electrolyte is confined to the barrel and will not leak at all (zero leakage). The Junction has very high conductivity with resistance under 10 K-Ohm. It has exceptional mechanical stability, zero swelling, resistance to organic solvents, and robust. The junction potential is independent of the sample nature or ionic strength. The electrode body is constructed from PEEK for superior chemical resistance.
The filling electrolyte (3.4 M KCl) does not leak through the junction which prevents sample contamination with chloride and potassium ions. This means no clogging and no need for double junction. Since the electrode construction does not involve any glass, it can be used in Hydrofluoric Acid solutions.

Low-Leakage Series


The junction of this reference electrode is made of modified glass to obtain the maximum conductivity with resistance under 2 K-Ohm and minimum electrolyte leakage. Different lengths are available upon request.

This is the same as
KZT-2 except that its diameter is 5 mm.
Length: 63 mm or custom by request.
Diameter: 2 mm for LF-2 and KZT-2; 5 mm for KZT-5.
PEEK construction.
Electrical Contact: 1 mm gold-plated pin
Leakage: None for LF series and extremely low for KZT-2 and KZT-5.
Filling Electrode: 3.4 M KCl.
Customized Sizes : As small as 0.5 mm OD and 250 mm long. Please contact us for more details.